About Our Plan

We want to help YOU make a difference! We believe we are ALL created to be rescuers and restorers in this world and it’s high time we lived out those dreams! We’d love to help connect you to the organization that’s right for you (we can set up a call to find out what works best with your heart’s passions and the world’s greatest needs) and help you use your skills, community and awesomeness (we know you have it 🙂 to make a difference.

Do you want to make a difference? Here are the steps:

Pick a need!

*set up a call with our founder, Brandi Mcelheny, to brainstorm which organization and need might be best for YOU.

Start a campaign

*We will help you set up an online fundraising page

Do YOUR thing!

*most campaigns involve the She’s Worth It Strategy campaign as well as a few unique ideas that work best for YOU and your talents, skills, community, etc. Brandi would love to help you brainstorm ideas.

Everyone’s Worlds are Changed!

*We believe that not only do we get to be a part of changing the world, but the WE are changed in the process!!


It’s a beautiful thing. We would LOVE to help you live out your love by awakening the childhood dream we all had of being a rescuer and restorer in this world!



**Note: we are fundraising on Razoo. All of the money will be given to Psalms 82.3 Ministries (a registered non-profit) who will then cut checks for each of the organizations to fund the projects listed! Razoo takes 4.9% for credit card fees. Other than that, 100% goes directly to the projects (Psalms82.3 and She’s Worth It will not take one dime!)


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