A Multi-Tasking God

“Ok, talk to me about sex trafficking….is this for REAL?” messages one friend of treasure hunter, Caitlin Miller.

“Wait, you’re saying this happens HERE? In Colorado?!” asks a shocked friend while we worked out and talked about She’s Worth It.

“I called my sister to ask her to be one of our 100. She didn’t know about trafficking either! We got into the longest discussion about it” (that same girl who had just learned about it the day before!)

“I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ for letting me be a part of this. It’s fun to let God grow me out of my comfort zone and actually be involved like this,” texts another friend.

Originally, one of our goals was for this campaign to raise funds and awareness. Every treasure hunter will, in theory, have some kind of contact with 1,000 people! What I didn’t expect was the joy in it all. People around the country are having their eyes opened to the horrors of sex trafficking. They are asking questions. They are choosing to learn. What’s fun is that it doesn’t have to stop there! These same people get to DO SOMETHING! They don’t have to be left with a broken heart as they learn about this tragedy. They move, quickly, to action.

One of my favorite things about God is that He is a multi-tasker 🙂 He asked us to step up to the plate for this campaign, not just to raise money but to change hearts in the process. He will use these funds to change lives all around the world. He will use our connections with the amazing women of Brave Girls Club to give us a tangible way to celebrate the worth of the girls through making truth cards. He will change the lives of people who choose to open their eyes to the suffering of millions around the world. He will choose to use the act of faith that is being a treasure hunter in each of our treasure hunters’ lives.

I can’t tell you how many treasure hunters have emailed me, telling me that this is their act of bravery. This is them, squeaking out a fearful “yes” to God’s call on their lives. This is an act of obedience. It is growth. It is them soaring as they do what God has made them to do and make a huge difference in the world. It is absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. This is an act of faith. It’s overwhelming to think about raising $10,000. It’s scary to say to your friends and family that you are going to do it. It’s trust. It’s hope – lived out.

And this is only the beginning….I can’t wait for the end of the campaign, to hear the stories. I can’t wait to hear about people who stepped out in faith and watched God blow their minds. I can’t wait to hear about people who heard for the first time and decided that they will never again look away. I can’t wait to hear about people who chose to pray for these precious girls around the world to recognize their worth and in the process realized their own.

He doesn’t just want your money, He wants to change your life in this process. Will you let Him? Will you ask how He wants to heal and change YOU while you join with others in a movement declaring She’s Worth It?


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