A Prayer Guide for Trafficking

Many of you have asked for some advice on how to best pray for victims of human trafficking and for this issue in general.

Pray for Protection/Prevention:

Often times traffickers trick families or women into coming with them, with promises of a better life. Pray that their schemes will be made clear. Pray for clear eyes/hearts for women and families to see through their lies.

Pray for families to value their daughters. To keep them in school. To speak worth and value over their lives.

Pray for open eyes in airports, at border crossings, train stations, etc. Pray that others will see and recognize trafficking when it’s taking place.

Pray for potential victims to honor their intuition today. Pray that when they feel unsafe in their spirit, they will honor that feeling and run.

Pray for Rescue

Pray that good men and women will rise up from within police departments around the world and cooperate with the rescue organizations bringing this issue to their attention.

Pray for rescue operatives to see the trafficked girls clearly.

Pray for good evidence gathering. For covert equipment to work correctly, picking up the right images in clarity that will assist in investigations.

Pray for girls to feel safe with investigators and to speak up and ask to be free.

Pray for police cooperation and no tip offs

Pray for safety and quick rescues

Pray for Restoration

Pray for the first days/weeks of freedom as the girls start to settle down.

Pray for safe homes that bring truth freedom and safety.

Pray that the girls will know when they are safe so that they can begin to heal

Pray for healing in their inmost places

Pray for the lies that have been spoken over and to them to be replaced by sweet, sweet truth.

Pray for them to understand their value deeply.

Pray for the forgiveness process that is deep, long and painful

Pray for the safe house staff to love well and to see the chains instead of just the outside reactions

Pray for the girls to recognize the defense mechanism they’ve picked up along the way, pray they learn to honor those defenses as the way that they’ve survived, but to let them go when they are safe and those defense skills no longer serve them.

Pray for Reintegration/Empowerment

Pray for the girls as they learn new skills. Pray that they feel honor and dignity in these skills.

Pray that they would find the Lord’s favor as they work and would pick up the skills quickly

Pray that they would find what they are good at and called to do

Pray for their encouragement as they work on new skills and new business ventures

Pray that the voices that call them back to earning quick money by using their body will be silenced. Pray that they know the value of their body.

Pray for favor on the business ventures and those leading these initiatives

Jesus said that He came to proclaim freedom for captives. Loosing the chains of injustice and setting the oppressed free is what our God does best. Continually pray for freedom from every single chain of injustice that has ever bound these precious ones and that they will see absolute beauty and healing. Pray that He will redeem the years the locusts have stolen and bring beauty beyond measure. Pray for each and every person that will help them on this journey to truly SEE them and their immeasurable beauty and value. Pray that honor and dignity will be restored in awe-inspiring ways.


**if you have ideas on what to add here, leave a comment so that we can add them!


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