we choose hope.

When working in the world of trafficking….or maybe just when living in this world….it’s easy to become cynical. The fact is that statistics say that less than 1% of girls that are trafficked will ever be rescued. The stories of these girls are enough to break your heart into a million pieces. Learning more every day, talking about it for hours on end is enough to make me want to crawl back under the covers some days and not come out.

Raising money can be hard. It feels like an uphill battle at times. Many of our treasure hunters feel like they are pounding the pavement; asking person after person to be involved and getting blank stares.

Sometimes it makes you want to focus on the horror. It makes you want to scream, “if you won’t help them, who will?” It makes you want to grab people’s heartstrings and wring them in two as your own heart has been wrung.

and yet….there in the corner is HOPE.

We have a choice about where we will place our focus – will we focus on the horror, the tragedy and the despair or will we focus on the HOPE?


We can focus on the fact that 1% DO get rescued. We can search and pray and fundraise for those 1%. We can raise our voices a

nd give of our time and talents to bring that number up. We can celebrate every dollar raised, every rescue attempted, every lie healed over by truth for rescued girls. We can honor their bravery and cheer them on.

Here at She’s Worth It, we choose beauty. We choose hope. We choose
Will you join us? Will you stride into the dark and hard and choose to focus on the hope? Will you crawl into these ashes and choose to see the beauty? Will you celebrate every $10 given because we know it’s $10 closer to rescue? Will you celebrate those 1%, knowing that the numbers represent precious, brave girls around the world?honor. We choose to celebrate. We choose to focus on life. We choose to view this process less as an uphill battle and more as a beautiful adventure that we are HONORED to be on.

Together, we choose hope.


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