If you have questions or would like to be involved in She’s Worth It, feel free to contact us @

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If you’re here because you’re wondering who’s behind this madness….check out the Meet Our Treasure Hunters page! While Brandi McElheny (you’ll find her bio listed among the treasure hunters) is leading the charge, the truth is that this is a grassroots movement and the treasure hunters and their teams of friends are the ones doing all of the work!


6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Brandi,

    I am a good friend of your aunt, Shannon. I had just emailed a bunch of my friends to ask them to help me raise awareness about child trafficking. Shannon sent me to your website. God used that as confirmation for me, because at 3:30 a.m I woke up and stated thinking that I could host a Valentine Cookie party and ask each friend just to bring $10 and to help me raise awareness! When I read that you do the same with your treasure hunters, it was awesome! Thanks for all you do and I will be in touch. Debbie

  2. Hi Brandi, I love the heart of this ministry, I heard you were going to be speaking at a school in Col Springs today at noon? Is that still happening if so where and if not, where might you be next? I would love to chat and find out how to be of help and get involved. Thank you Roxanne Lingle

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