Meet our Field Partners

Please check out our favorite group of friends. These people are making a difference in the world. They are in the trenches, preventing human trafficking before it starts. They are storming brothels and rescuing girls throughout the world. They are providing safe havens for girls who need healing. They are training these girls in beautiful crafts and abilities to empower them to sustain their own families. These friends/partners of ours are truly world changers. We feel privileged to get to be involved in their work!

In case you are searching by country, here’s a list to help you or scroll down for more details on each organization and the projects we are treasure hunting for!

USA – Restore Innocence, The Klein Frank Foundation and Embassy of Hope Center

Cambodia – In His Steps International and Sak Saum

SE Asia– The Exodus Road

Thailand – NightLight Int’l, Dton Naam

India – Indian Rescue Mission and  Oasis Global, India

The Netherlands – Not For Sale Amsterdam’s Saskia Wishart

Costa Rica – Seeds of Hope

Asia – Eden Ministries

Indian Rescue Mission (find them on FB by friending “James Indian Rescue” or on twitter @indianrescue)

Indian Rescue Mission is out for the help and support of impoverished and abandoned little children, to change their destiny for eternity by providing Justice.

We love to see these victims from clutches of poverty, discrimination, illiteracy and exploitation and become dynamic personality with a bright future.

Irrespective of their religious background or any other social discrimination, we count them as Gods very own and seek to eliminate child sex trafficking in India.

She’s Worth It! is seeking to fund 2 months of rescues (caitlin and Jaynie), the hiring of 2 social workers to meet with the rescued girls  and a director for the sewing project that reaches out to women currently trapped in prostitution (5k from Katy and team). **Treasure Hunters listed in parenthesis

Sak Saum (“like” them on FB and make sure to check out their online store for some of the cutest products EVER)

Started in 2007, Sak Saum is a ministry that offers rescue, rehabilitation and restoration to vulnerable and exploited women who have experienced firsthand the devastation of trafficking.

Our desire is to help the abused, the underprivileged, the desperate — those unseen by the majority of humanity but worthy of being deeply loved. A ministry of In His Steps International (, Sak Saum addresses the issues of human trafficking and exploitation in holistic, practical and compassionate ways.

She’s Worth It! is treasure hunting for a new, innovative project – the Sak Saum Spa as well as for a US Distribution Center

The Exodus Road (Like them on FB and follow on twitter @theexodusroad)

The Exodus Road exists to empower the rescue of victims of sexual slavery. Operating primarily in Southeast Asia, we believe that a major component of fighting human trafficking and child slavery lies in working with local law enforcement to find situations of trafficking and to then assist in the rescue of victims and the prosecution of criminals. By decreasing the profitability of the trafficking industry for the criminal, we will eventually slow the mechanisms that make the exploitation of women and children so lucrative.

The Exodus Road is not a single investigative organization, but rather it is a network of surveillance teams and individuals, committed to fight trafficking, one legal court case at a time.

She’s Worth It! is treasure hunting for 4 investigations (Bekah)

The Klein Frank Foundation

The mission of the Klein Frank Foundation, a 501c(3) non-profit corporation, is to stop human trafficking whether it be in the sex trade or indentured labor through these values. We are here to inspire, support, grow, and succeed together.

She’s Worth It! is treasure hunting for a phone app linking ALL US healthcare providers to trafficking screening tools in ALL languages, for a training video to be distributed across the US to help professionals recognize the signs of trafficking and for a Colorado State Employee to manage the fund comprised of fines generated from Johns for police and restoration programs. (Becky, Tavia, Brandy, Shari and Valerie)

Because Every Mother Matters (Like them on FB)

In March of 2012 we launched a therapeutic safe house for girls and women who were/are at risk of being sexually exploited. Individuals identified for enrollment into Sada’s house have been referred the program by local authorities and partners. At Sada’s house these girls and women can be given a safe environment where they can grow to be healthy and happy young ladies. Each individual will undergo a health assessment and be entered into appropriate medical care, including HIV treatment. Those of school age will be given the opportunity to attend school and the girls will participate together in learning basic household skills. After completion of the program, the young women will be transitioned into either foster care or the Momma sponsorship program (if appropriate). Time at Sada’s house allows these young women to heal, learn skills, be a part of a “family” and most important to be girls, women…. The beautiful spirits that they were created to be. To have fun, laugh, be nurtured and live a life without fear.

She’s Worth It! will be treasure hunting to help fund Sada’s House (Marissa)

Not For Sale Amsterdam (find Not For Sale on FB)

In the Netherlands, Not For Sale is tackling exploitation through “Smart Activism”; identifying where exploitation can occur and providing solutions through the HOME social enterprise. Not For Sale builds relationships with vulnerable women, provides nutritious meals, healthcare and a safe place in the community, and this year plans to bring new employment options to women working behind the windows in the city’s Red Light District through the HOME Enterprise.

Seeds of Hope Home – Costa Rica –more info coming

Embassy of Hope Center – San Antonio, Texas

Embassy of Hope is a faith-based, 501(c)3, non-profit organization that seeks to raise awareness about the issues of human trafficking and provide services to at-risk and exploited young women, ages 16-24.

In His Steps International – Cambodia –more info coming

Eden Ministries – Asia – 

Eden serves to restore freedom for the captives of Asia’s red light districts through holistic programs- transforming body, mind and spirit. Using our international jewelry business as a platform, we provide career and skill training- empowering women for a new life and future. We continually innovate prevention and outreach programs- transforming entire communities. Eden is a voice to the oppressed, a light to the darkness.

Oasis – India

Oasis India is a member of the Oasis global family which focuses its work on the world’s poorest and most marginalized urban communities, and often works in partnership. Oasis India was established in 1994 and has offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Punganur. Oasis India is recognized for its holistic work with the most poor and marginalized urban and more recently, rural communities too. Oasis India has 100 full-time staff members, 5 part-time staff and 10 volunteers.

Nightlight International – Thailand

NightLight is an international organization committed to addressing the complex issues of commercial sexual exploitation through prevention, intervention, restoration, and education.

NightLight’s mission is to do “whatever it takes” to affect change within the global sex industry.  Our local offices build relationships with victims of commercial sexual exploitation and those who are at-risk and provide hope, intervention, rescue, and assistance by offering alternative vocational opportunities, life-skills training, and physical, emotional, and spiritual development to those seeking freedom. NightLight builds support networks internationally to intervene and assist women, men, and children whose lives are negatively impacted by the sex industry.

Restore Innocence – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Restore Innocence is a faith-based, 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping victims of child trafficking. Because of the lack of aftercare facilities specific to victims of domestic minor sex trafficking in the United States, Restore Innocence seeks to open a safe house, The Cinderella House, where victims can find true restoration.



One thought on “Meet our Field Partners

  1. You might want to also check out “Transitions Global” in Phnom Phen, Cambodia, and “International Crisis Aid” in St. Louis, MO. Both organizations are making an impact in this dark industry.

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