Each of our Treasure Hunters has their own giving page!
Click HERE to go to a listing of our entire team’s giving sites. Once there, choose a “treasure hunter” and then donate!
If you are looking for particular countries to help or projects to fund:
All Projects and Countries
Safe House – Christy or Abby
App to connect health care workers to trafficking resources – Becky, Valerie and GrassRoots Church, Mountain Springs Youth
Restoration/Reintegration – Erika or Jeni or Chelsie
Restoration – Stephanie, Lisa, Taffy Jo , Mountain Springs Youth
Prevention – Grassroots church
Rescue – Christy or Bekah
Restoration / Reintegration – Stephanie and Lisa and Bekah
Costa Rica
Restoration – Dana
East Asia
Prevention – Jaci
The Netherlands (Amsterdam)
Rescue and Restoration – Saskia
The Philippines (Manila)
Restoration – Brave Girls Club
**Note: we are fundraising on Razoo. All of the money will be given to Psalms 82.3 Ministries (a registered non-profit) who will then cut checks for each of the organizations to fund the projects listed! Razoo takes 2.9% for credit card fees. Other than that, 100% goes directly to the projects (Psalms82.3 and She’s Worth It will not take one dime!)

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