Meet our Treasure Hunters

These treasure hunters are the heart and soul behind She’s Worth It! They are the ones using their voices, inspiring their communities to make a difference in this world. Each of them took a different approach to finding their 100 people. Some even found more! They took this goal and began to storm their streets, neighborhoods, workplaces, communities of faith and facebook friends to find 100 people who would each ask 10 people to give them 10 dollars to fight human trafficking!  Meet these world changers below:

We want to add YOUR name to this list! Contact Brandi or click the “get involved” page to find out more!

Abby Mortenson: Hello! I’m Abby, daughter of the King and so thankful He’s called each of us into a unique adventure alongside of Him. My heart for justice and freedom has shaped much of the last few years of my life. I recently received my Masters in Social Work, and have worked with women and girls who’ve experienced abuse in different ways. I am still praying into how I can use it in a creative way to bring healing to people around the world; maybe in the area of trauma therapy using yoga, art, and group-work. I’m a photographer, a lover of adventure, travel, people, and creative healing. I currently serve on the board of Restore Innocence. I love that RI is directly working with girls in my home-state, and around the country, who have been sexually exploited. The heart behind RI is to bring healing and restoration in Jesus’ name to these precious girls. I have an incredibly loving (and funny) husband, Dan, and we hope to bring home two adopted kids this year from Uganda…we’re in the process and excited to see how God works it all our for His glory!

****Treasure Hunting for Restore Innocence in Colorado. Click HERE to give****

Andrea Pannell and Family: Team Pannell is fresh off a year long campaign for World Vision and ready to get back to the work we are meant to do! We are a family of 6 and eager to jump into She’s Worth It. Though the hard details of sex trafficking are unknown by the younger ones in our team we are all aware of the painful realities of modern slavery. Last year our children began praying for slaves around the world to be freed and we know that God answers prayers. Will you join us to help in His work to free, restore and lead these young girls and women to Christ?

****Treasure Hunting for a safe house for children who would have otherwise been sold in Cambodia (In His Steps International). Click HERE to give (link not yet live)****

Becky Atenscio: I have been a caseworker for 17 years, currently working with adolescents. I raised my son as a single mom. He is 25 years old and is currently working on his PhD in Philosophy.

****Treasure Hunting for all three projects with the Klein-Frank Foundation (US). Click HERE to give****

Brandi McElheny: (founder of She’s Worth It! and treasure hunter) Hi! I’m Brandi. Single mama to 3 of the most fun and precious kiddos in the entire world: 2 biological and 1 adopted from Liberia, West Africa. I’m passionate about justice and inviting people on the great adventure that is joining God’s heart for justice. Apparently God gave me my creative brain not in the usual ways of artistic or musical talent, but in the ability to come up with campaigns for fundraising 🙂 This is my baby. I am so thankful….humbled and amazed actually, that God allows me to be a part of His work in healing and redeeming this world. I am regularly awed by how He brings beauty from ashes. I have seen it in my own life and am privileged to walk alongside so many who are in the process of watching God take their ashes and bring healing and beauty. I also run Beauty for Ashes Uganda (look us up on FB 🙂 I blog at and tweet at @brandileag  Thank you for being here and being a part of this little adventure of ours!

****Treasure Hunting for all projects. Click HERE to give ****

Bekah Mason: Hey, I’m Bekah, a healed, forgiven, restored, learning, teaching, mentoring and mentored child of God. I’ve been teaching middle and high school students for nearly a decade, and through that time, God has also led me through a season of pruning and preparation that directed me from ministry to youth to women dealing with the impact of trauma and abuse to this terror of human trafficking.When I’m not working on this passion of mine, I’m still teaching, I’m a student, and a writer. I use my blog,, as a place to make people aware of issues impacting the world today.

****Treasure Hunting for rescues and safe houses in Thailand. Click HERE to give*****

Christy Lee Taylor has been involved in the creative arts since childhood. Growing up acting, modeling, and opening her own motion picture company, Abba Productions, Inc., has put Christy in the storytelling arena for most of her life. Her first film as a producer was a family-friendly film called Turkles. This multiple award winning film earned Christy a nomination for a Global Heart Award. She has also spoken at different events sharing her passion for the film projects she has worked on, includingRedeeming Love, by best-selling author, Francine Rivers. She partnered with Ralph Winter (X-Men, Fantastic 4, Star Trek) to try to bring this book to the big screen. She has been interviewed both in print and radio about this project. She had hoped to shed a light on the horrors of Human Trafficking with this film while also helping raise money to combat the ongoing problems.

****Treasure Hunting for Embassy of Hope Center in San Antonio, TX and The Exodus Road. Click HERE to give****

Caitlin Miller & Jaynie Fawley – 

Jaynie – nanny of one precious little girl, reluctant college student, ex-missionary, and a permanent bleeding heart.
Caitlin – nurse to pregnant ladies and precious babies, frequenter of Uganda, aunt to three awesome kids, a happy girl with redneck roots.

It all started in Uganda. Our friendship, our private jokes, our bonding over orphans… and our new awareness of suffering we had never known before. We came home from Uganda forever changed, with a compassion churning in our souls that would no longer allow us to ignore the suffering we saw in the world. Uganda led to meeting Brandi (founder of She’s Worth It) and soon after, she opened our eyes to the horrors of sex trafficking.
We wanted to turn our broken hearts into action and found an outlet for that in supporting James and Indian Rescue Mission. James and his skilled, prayerful, hardworking, and compassionate team work to rescue children who have been forced into prostitution and to seek justice against their oppressors. We would be honored to have you join us in helping James and his team rescue these precious girls so that each and every one of them will know – SHE’S WORTH IT!

****Treasure Hunting for Rescues in India in partnership with Indian Rescue Mission. Click HERE to give****

Chelsea Town My involvement in the fight against human trafficking didn’t begin with some grand epiphany or burning bush experience.  It all started with a very broken heart and a passion to dedicate my life to abolition.  I first heard about trafficking my freshman year of college.  While I don’t remember the name of the speaker nor the organization, the truth which was shared will forever be written on my heart.    Praying for ways to get involved, God highlighted the need to support vocational training.  In 2010, I started selling purses made by survivors of trafficking.  All my proceeds were donated to Pearl Alliance, a ministry dedicated to recovering lives from the darkness of trafficking.  Through Pearl Alliance’s partnership, I was connected to Sak Saum.  For over a year, I have been an ambassador for Sak Saum where I sell purses made by the brave women and men who work there.  Each bag is a byproduct of a changed life.  It is an honor to play a small role in what God is doing through Sak Saum.  Daily, they are witnessing the miracle of Jesus’ love to set the captive free, and they’re flourishing.  I find the fight against trafficking involves big dreamers and people willing to be in it for the long haul.  The former abolitionist William Wilberforce said, “I daily become more sensible that my work must be affected by constant and regular exertions rather than sudden and violent ones.”  We have to keep dreaming and laboring… because they are worth it!

****Treasure Hunting for Sak Saum in Cambodia. Click HERE to give****

Dana Nuesca From an early age, I’ve had a passion for justice being served. As I have grown older, I  quickly realized that fair and equal for all looks quite different in God’s economy. ‘Grace covers a multitude of sins’ including those we often deem less than desirable. I began working (volunteer) full time for a non-profit over a year ago. Seeds of Hope seeks to bring hope and restore freedom to those who have been caught in the sex slave trade. I am a wife, a mother, and a grandma of two (one is due in June 2013). I want my grandchildren’s world to look a lot different than mine! Ultimately my goal is to make Jesus famous by going to those He longs to restore!

****Treasure Hunting for a safe house (Seeds of Hope in Costa Rica). Click HERE to give***

Erika Dickson: It all started in October of 1977…. just kidding 🙂

I am a mom of 3 who loves to see the captives set free!  We all have experienced our level of trauma, but we can all be set free through in HIM.  My eyes were opened to the world of trafficking in 2006 after my second child was born.  I began typing my dad’s psychological testing dictations for sex offenders.  The first test I dictated was of a man I knew and went to college with.  I realized instead of being overcome with crippling fear I asked God to use me where ever my family could be first.  I have been fighting against trafficking since that day.
I have the amazing blessing of working with an organization called Sak Saum!  I have been with them for 4 years now!  I work on the US side to help sell their incredible handmade products but also to tell their story.  We work to rescue, rehabilitate, and restore men and women who have been exploited or trafficked in Cambodia.  The products are a bi-product of a changed life.  I love seeing God’s love and grace, but how awesome his story of redemption is!  Our website is come visit us!!!
 ****Treasure Hunting for Sak Saum in Cambodia. Click HERE to give*** 

Jaci Romer – I’m Jaci, daughter of the Most High, wife to Todd and mom to 4 amazing God-given gifts. One night, before pop-up blockers I had a little Asian girl looking at me from my computer screen. I clicked on it and ended up on an adoption agency website with a 13 yr old girl’s story of wanting a family and a home to call her own. I asked God, “Are you calling us to adopt a teenage girl?” Oh, I want a baby please!” I’m a bit bold, huh? Anyway, what God put in my heart was a story. The story that every 13 yr old child in a Chinese orphanage has…they don’t have much of a chance. They don’t have a family name, government papers, money or a home. Think about what that means please. This is getting long, so I will tell you, it means most likely the streets! A life of desperation, prostitution, trafficking, slavery. A dreaded life! God did not call us to adopt a 13 yr old, in May 2007, we flew to China and picked up our precious 3 yr old daughter! But that’s just part of the happy ending! In the summer of 2011, I had read about sex trafficking in the US. Yes, it happens every minute here and I was unaware. Now I run a business selling Mila (a type of chia seed that is super nutrient dense!) 100% of my profits will go to build homes for girls, counsel girls, educate girls and love girls that have fallen into the desperate situation of sex trafficking. You can see more about that at

****Treasure Hunting for Eden Ministry (Asia). Click HERE to give****

Katy Mohr & the Lacrosse Team of OBU At Oklahoma Baptist University we believe in helping our students become world changers. I am Katy Mohr, the Head Women’s Lacrosse coach at OBU and I want to be a world changer too. While talking with my team and getting to know them off the field, I found that human trafficking is an issue in which they are passionate about. One of our players has already done mission work in this area as a high school student and will be doing more this summer. The OBU women’s lacrosse team feels that just as they have been given the opportunity to a great education and play sports at the collegiate level, that all of the boys and girls involved in human trafficking should be given an opportunity for greatness too. We are excited to partner with God, friends and family in this campaign to not only become world changers but most importantly because SHE’S WORTH IT!

****Treasure Hunting for a safe house and rescues in India! Click HERE to give***

Lisa McKenney (Treasure Hunting with Stephanie Ackerman) Hi! I’m Lisa…When Brandi asked me to be a Treasure Hunter I thought… “What do I have to offer? I have no blog, no following, no influence. I am just a mom…living my small life.” I wondered how I could possibly make an impact on a problem so big, so overwhelmingly painful. Honestly, it’s hard for me to even think about the depth of the pain of the women caught in human trafficking. As this injustice has gotten more media visibility I have avoided educating myself. Too painful. Too much responsibility. It’s so much easier to choose ignorance so I don’t have to face the pain… Pain that I may not be able to help. Pain that may be too big for me. But I couldn’t escape from God’s prompting… “Remember- there is nothing I can’t heal.”  I am committing my life to the same mission as Jesus- described in Isaiah 61… to bind up the broken hearted and set the captives free and crown them with a beauty instead of ashes.

 At the beginning of this journey I said “WHO AM I?”  but He changed my heart and I am saying instead “HERE I AM! SEND ME!”

I am underqualified. I am inadequate. I don’t have all the resources or influence others do, but I am saying YES. (And God has every resource we need!)

“YES GOD. Use my life. Use all that I have to speak healing and hope to your hurting daughters. Make my life count.”

I am reminded of a quote that I love from Erma Bombeck… “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, “I used everything you gave me.”Join me on His mission!!!

****Treasure Hunting for restoration/reintegration projects in Thailand and India. click HERE to give****

Mountain Springs Youth Group (ELEVATE) The student ministries of Mountain Springs Church is joining together to stop human trafficking and to take a stand against injustice! We believe that 400 students can and WILL make a difference!

****Treasure Hunting for a safe house (Restore Innocence in Colorado), an iPhone app to link health care providers (US), rescues in Thailand (The Exodus Road) and restoration projects in Thailand (Nightlight Intl). Click HERE to give ****

Saskia Wishart: Saskia Wishart began combating the issue of Human Trafficking in 2008 in South Africa through mass media awareness raising and preventative work At the end of 2009, Saskia attended the Global Forum on Human Trafficking and was inspired to become more involved with Not For Sale. She attended their investigative training academy and went back to South Africa to become a regional director and begin implementing a NFS international initiative. During 2010, her team ran the “Red Card Campaign” which focused on raising awareness about sex trafficking and the 2010 World Cup. She organized a countrywide Stop Paying For Slavery tour, and using the skills she learned at the academy, her team went on to identify or assist with the cases of 45 victims of Human Trafficking. In 2011, Saskia was asked to become the Not For Sale European Coordinator where her work will take on the focus of creating viable solutions for survivors of Human Trafficking within Europe.

****Treasure Hunting for Not For Sale Campaign in Amsterdam. Click HERE to give****

Shari Shink: Shari F. Shink has dedicated her life to improving the lives of abused and neglected children through legal advocacy. A 1975 Rutgers University Law School graduate, Shari began her career at Pittsburgh’s Child Advocacy Legal Aid Clinic. In 1981, she and other child advocates founded the Children’s Legal Clinic in Colorado now known as the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center.

Under Shari’s leadership for thirty years, the Children’s Law Center has represented more than 10,000 children, become a forerunner in child-centered legislative reform and developed innovative programs to address numerous aspects of child abuse.

As Founder/President of the Children’s Law Center and child advocacy speaker, Shari has changed what it means to advocate for children worldwide, earning her dozens of national honors including the National Child Labor Committee’s 2004 Hine Award, the American Bar Association’s 2001 Child Advocate of the Year Award, Harvard University Law School’s 2000 Wasserstein Fellowship and the National Association of Council for Children’s 1999 “Outstanding Child Advocate of the Year.”

Locally, Shari has participated on numerous legislative task forces to examine and provide suggestions about how to improve Colorado’s foster care system. Nationally, she serves as the co-chair of the American Bar Association’s Children’s Advocacy Group to fight for the rights of maltreated children nationwide. She also represents the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center as a member of the National Children’s Law Network, a group of eight Children’s Law Centers across the country that focuses on the unmet educational needs and meaningful outcomes of children in foster care.

****Treasure Hunting for all three projects with the Klein-Frank Foundation (US). Click HERE to give (link not yet live)****

Spark 540 We believe in the power of YES! We surround ourselves with teens because we really think they are pretty cool people. They’ve got dreams, ambitions and lots of energy. Most of them are anxious to do something really important and meaningful with their lives, but they don’t always have the guidance to discover what really matters to them.
That’s where we come in…we are here to light the spark inside their hearts, so they can make life decisions based on real life experience, knowledge and awareness learned first hand, not just through “reading about it on the internet”.
We start by helping teens to identify their own unique talents, passions and gifts. Then we ensure that they support and applaud their peers – cause we’re all in this together after all!
THEN…the big stuff starts to happen. Our teens learn about tons of issues affecting people all over the world – things they had no idea existed. Slavery, Human trafficking, lack of education and clean water….We use the United Nations 8 millennium development goals as the bedrock of our program, but we don’t just learn about huge issues, we take action!
We light fires! We create a chain reaction of action and compassion that changes lives everywhere! Talk about a teen doing something “really important”.
Yeah, we do that.

***Treasure Hunting for Rescues in India (Indian Rescue Mission) Give HERE ****

Stephanie Ackerman (treasure hunting with Lisa McKenney) I am Stephanie Ackerman.

I am an ordinary girl who is living an extraordinary life where I get to do what I love for a living…make things from paper, batter, fabric, dough  and paint…

I am blessed with God given creative skills and abilities and my purpose is to share, inspire, encourage and teach the creative arts.

Everyday I am creating a life that reflects my dreams and living a life that defines my purpose.

I am a daughter, sister, mom of boys, wife, neighbor, auntie and a friend who loves God, family, friends, my church and a simple girl who loves to make things A LOT

At any given moment I might be doing exactly what you are probably doing..praying, carpooling, running, baking, stitching, laundry, watching my boys skate, surf or play soccer, helping with homework, laundry,  turning trash into treasures, sewing, did I mention laundry???

Visit my blog at

***Lisa and Stephanie are also our design team! Big thanks to them!)

****Treasure Hunting for restoration/reintegration projects in Thailand and India. click HERE to give****

Stephanie Augustine, Stephanie Zeller and Lani Rankin: Stephanie Z, co-founder of the Authenticity Project, has a big heart and wants to bring trafficking to an end through events such as Empathy Week with i-empathize at local schools. She is ready to see the world slave free!

Stephanie A is a fashionista with a passion to see the worth of women unveiled in America and abroad. As a hairstylist she loves to share with others the worth that they have. Her heartbeat is to see slavery end in her lifetime.

Lani: I am a mother, employee, friend, and sinner. To show our youth, and my son, what is most meaningful in life, I feel the best resource is to put your money where your mouth is. I am excited to work with the Stephanies to end slavery and see the world a little brighter……

****Treasure Hunting for the Klien Frank Foundation and the “sewing project” in India giving women caught in prostitution a way OUT!  Click HERE to give****

Tavia Hammond: I’m Tavia Hammond. I graduated from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.  I am very passionate about anti-Human Trafficking.  I want to get to the root of this so we no longer have any victims!  I am trying to raise money for Law Enforcement because that is one of the main ways that HT will end and it will be my future career. This is a horrific act, and it has to be ended.  Myself on a lighter note: I love to water-ski, run, listen to good rock music, spend time with family and friends, visit great places, and help make this world a better place.  I hope one day the earth will be full of peace!

****Treasure Hunting for all three projects with the Klein-Frank Foundation (US). Click HERE to give (link not yet live)****

Taffy Jo Meyers Insurance professional by day. In real life I am just a simple country girl captivated by the love of my savior.

I lived most of my adult life in the bondage of selfish ambition and seeking to gain value through the accumulation of wealth, things and individual career success. In 2007 I was confronted with the impact of my selfish pursuits and my eyes were opened to the bondage I had placed myself under and the consequences this had upon others. As my eyes and ears were opened to light and truth, my heart broke and I was healed and set free. I begin an amazing journey of understanding how one person can and does make a difference through word, deed and financial investments. As I grew in my gratitude for how I have been unshackled and live a life of freedom, I begin to seek opportunities to serve and promote freedom in my neighborhood, city, state, nation and world. My passion for people and those of freedom expands daily. I am humbled and blessed that I am able to give a voice to freedom. I consider it a great joy to be able to have platform which allows me to drive awareness of the needs around women’s development and human rights organizations whose focus is freedom, social equality, economic empowerment and sustainable income generation.

In 2010 I became aware of the tragedy and magnitude of human trafficking. In 2011 I became to feel a calling to do something about it. In 2012 I embarked earnestly a commitment to become educated on the problem from perspectives ranging from social, legal, political and professionally. As I travel the journey of this calling, I am blessed to have been able to join forces with some amazing people of like mind and brag passion which has lead me to this campaign. Someone once dared to prove to me that I was worth the risk to love and rescue from self inflicted bondage and I am forever grateful. I now want for these precious souls who are enslaved, shackled in a borage not of their choosing but at the selfish ambition of others to know they too are worth it. The cost of freedom is never too great and the cost of any human suffering is always death; death of a person’s dreams for their own live and ultimately the death if humanity and civilization.

I know the prospect of asking people to be to get involved and raising money is scary. However at $10 increments (the cost of a fancy latte or two) we can make a difference to all those folks put there who dream of being free. She’s Worth It. That all are and together we can prove it. So join the cause and then sit back and watch in utter amazement at how funds are raised and lives are changed.

Thank you for giving and for begin part of this campaign.

Valerie Mitchell Valerie Mitchell has been a board member of Boulder Housing Partners and Boulder Housing Coalition since 2010, working to make housing affordable for Boulder’s most at risk citizens. Her educational background is in Philosophy, studying animal and minority ethics. An optimist at heart, she believes we can change the world, we just have to try.

****Treasure Hunting for all three projects with the Klein-Frank Foundation (US). Click HERE to give****

YOU??????? 🙂



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