Understand the Problem

“Human trafficking and slavery still exists today?”

This is a question many ask when they first hear about She’s Worth It. First of all, no – you’re not stupid. It’s ok. We never know anything until we know it! None of us know everything about everything. Now, though, you can learn. You are here TO learn. You’ve come to this page so that you can learn about slavery in our world today. You have made a brave choice to open your eyes.

Stats on Human Trafficking from http://www.FreetheSlaves.net

Slavery: “forced to work without pay under threat of violence and unable to walk away. 27 million slaves are in the world today.”

Slavery is not legal anywhere but happens everywhere.
The majority of slaves can be found in India and in African countries.

Each year, thousands of slaves are trafficked into the U.S.

Slaves work in fields, brothels, homes, mines, restaurants—anywhere slave owners can feed their greed.

Human trafficking is the modern-day slave trade.

$90 is the average cost of a human slave sold around the world.

Slave holders use many terms to avoid the word “slavery”: debt bondage, bonded labor, attached labor, restavec, forced labor, indentured servitude and human trafficking.

Just google “Human Trafficking Facts” and you will learn more than you ever wanted to know. Check out Polaris Project (they focus on statistical analysis in a brilliant way 🙂 or any one of our field partners for more details.

What Now?

The problem is horrific. Each of those numbers is a child, a man or woman, someone’s son, daughter, mother or father. Those numbers represent lives. They represent real people who are living under sever oppression.

For this campaign, we have focused on the girls and women trapped in sexual slavery / sex trafficking / forced prostitution, though we strongly support the rescue and freedom of young boys, men and entire families from every sort of slavery!

Why do something?

She’s Worth It

We believe that while what has happened to her is almost unbearable to even consider, we must stand for her. We must no longer close our eyes. We must do something. We may not all be able to storm brothels, spend hours holding a girl as she heals or sit in a small village teaching her how to make jewelry so that she can earn a fair wage, but we can do something. We can do our part. Our part may be donating $10. It may be recruiting 10 friends to donate $10. It may be recruiting 100 friends. It may be something we haven’t even dreamed of yet!

In light of her great bravery to survive this life and to fight daily for hope, rescue, freedom and healing – we will choose to be brave too. We will choose to never look away from her pain. We will choose to show her that she’s worth it.

What will you do? Will you consider her story? Will you consider her bravery and choose to be brave too? Will you use your voice, your finances, your talents to help protect, rescue, restore or reintegrate her today?


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